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My name is Jessica! I am a lifestyle and wedding photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. My parents raised me with the sense of mind, "if you want it - WORK FOR IT!" That applied to EVERYTHING. At the age of 8, I started my own little cupcake company. I made and decorated cupcakes. I started by going to our local weekly market and selling my cupcakes there, that quickly escalated to catering weddings and lots of birthday parties! When my sister turned 8 I happily gave her the 'bakers' hat, I was not as interested in baking cakes and cupcakes anymore... I was more interested in taking photos of my friends and family. I saved up for my very own Canon 650D and very soon after I had bought it I fell head over heels in love with photography. I photographed anything and EVERYTHING! From roses in our garden to my friends' rugby games every Saturday. In 2018 I knew what type of photography I wanted to pursue professionally. I loved photographing people and their special moments. I decided I would look into studying wedding photography. I applied to the New York Institute of Photography, I was very excited when I was accepted. I was already photographing couples, families and doing portraits which I loved. 



My genres of photography that I advertise are Lifestyle and Wedding. 


I love photographing weddings and everything that goes into it. From the bride and groom getting ready, her dad who is so happy to see how stunning his daughter looks in her wedding dress, or the groom seeing his future wife walk down the aisle.


I love lifestyle photography, it's equally as much! From food to family sessions, every shoot I have done I am left with a smile on my face. Lifestyle photography varies in shoot types. I have done shoots with families, capturing the whole family together, playing at the beach making some 'candid' photos, living in the moment or even just having a 'homey' photoshoot in the place the kids have grown up, photographing in the place that holds all memories of a family. Shoots for people who are aspiring models, helping them build up their portfolio. I also love photographing clothing and food. Lifestyle is basically anything and everything to do with people.  So, if you have a baby on the way or just want some awesome new pictures, make sure to send me an email!  


That's me, I love living my life through my camera lenz, capturing every special moment! 


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