Lifestyle shoots are always fun. From photographing a young couple to a new family. I really enjoy photographing all aspects of the genre. 

Frequently asked questions

Where would we do the session?

I shoot on location. I dont have a studio yet and I prefer to shoot with natual light. The beach, a mountain or a forest is so much fun! Home shoots are also so stunning to shoot because your home is part of your (and your families) story.

Do you travel for sessions?

I most certainly do. I love visiting different parts of this beautiful country of ours. I’m up for travelling anywhere in the world for your photoshoot! Where do you have in mind?

Do you choose the photos that we will recieve?

Yes! with hundreds of photos to choose from it is alot easier for me to select which are the best photos for you. You can always order more photographs if you feel the set amount of images in your packages insnt enough.

Have you studied photography?

I graduated from the New York Institute of Photography majoring in wedding photograhy in September of 2019.

What if we arent comfortable in front of a camera?

No need to worry. I am sensitive to the fact that most of my clients are not professional models and not used to being photographed for an entire day. There are certain parts of the day that just ‘happen’ and I am there to document these moments in as beautiful a way as possible. Some of my favourite photos from the wedding day usually end up being the ‘unposed’ ones. Having said that, there are certain parts of the day like the couple photos or bridal portraits where my clients appreciate a little bit of guidance as to what to ‘do’ but the objective would be to create an environment for the clients to interact and be present in the moment. I might tell you a joke or two, I am a total sucker for laughing photos. A little tip: An engagement shoot before the day of your wedding can also be a great way of getting used to being in front of the camera but this is not essential, you don’t have to do any homework or feel like you have to know what to ‘do’, you can leave it up to me.

How do we book?

You can use the contact form or send me an email directly using the details on the ‘contact’ page. Let me know where and when you’ll be getting married (if you’ve decided yet) and I will send you my package details. Should you like to book, kindly let me know which package you’d like to take and I will send you my contract which you can sign and send back to me when paying your 50% non refundable booking fee.

Family session : My Kids are shy

I am a child at heart. In the beginning of our session I will take a few minutes to chat to your kiddies and get them to be my friend. I find when I befriend my little clients they love the photoshoot and don't want it to end. So I will show them the photos are we go along and maybe even let them take one or two. I just want them to feel comfortable and happy.

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