Aerin Dyason

Aerin is one of the most genuine and fin loving people I have ever met! Aerin wanted to do a fun portraiture session up on signal hill. So thats what we did!

We went up signal hill on a beautiful Friday even just in time for sunset! The sky was showing off for us and we loved it! The colours are so stunning and pastel. Aerin really loves fashion and art! The outfits she chose really worked well with the colours of signal hill and the sky.

We got some yummy pizza and hot chocolate to add to the lifestyle vibe we where going for. The lights that they have made from old alcohol bottles are so awesome! They also add a nice bokah to the images which I love.

Aerin actually just started her own business and it is beyond awesome! She creates abstract and contemporary pieces of art!

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© 2020 by Jessica Young.
Cape Town Photographer